7 Places Where To Meet Ambitious Wealthy Men

The biggest dilemma of many women today is where to find a rich and successful man. It’s a known fact that wealthy men are more attractive for women. The reason behind this is that wealthy men give you a sense of security and financially stable life. Wealthy men are confident, ambitious and successful and they know how to sweep a woman of her feet. Well, who wouldn’t want to live in a huge mansion, travel to the most gorgeous places on earth and drive a luxurious car?

Keep on reading to find out where you can meet an ambitious, attractive and wealthy man!


  1. Luxurious Shops
    Rich people want to spend their hard earned money in luxurious shops. Do a little research to find the most luxurious shops near you and start visiting them. You don’t need to buy anything, simply spend some time and use that time to start conversations with wealthy men. If you visit these luxurious shops more often, you’ll increase your chances of meeting a wealthy man.
  2. High-Class Pubs
    Wealthy men spend adore having a drink in high class pubs. They usually visit the pubs near their offices, so start visiting those luxurious pubs near a doctor’s or attorney’s offices. Successful men want to relax after a hard-working day and enjoy a drink. Timing is really important! The best time to visit these high class pubs is late evenings and during the weekend.
  3. Luxurious Sport Clubs
    Wealthy men love to spend their money on luxurious sport such as golf, tennis, sailing, diving etc. Becoming a member to these types of clubs can be really expensive. Try getting a daily membership or find a friend who’s a member that can take you with him. Remember that timing is important! Wealthy men enjoy spending the weekend practicing their favorite luxurious sport!
  4. Exclusive Golf Clubs
    Most single wealthy men love to spend their free time on the golf court. Try visiting an exclusive golf club to increase your chances of meeting a wealthy man. Other places you can find a wealthy man is sitting in a luxurious gallery at an important football match.
  5. Luxurious Spa Resorts
    Wealthy men want to relax and enjoy at the need of a working week. Of course, they pick the most luxurious spa resorts that guarantee them privacy and enjoyment. Book a treatment in one of these luxurious spa resorts, you might meet your wealthy man.
  6. Charity Events
    Charity events are events attended by wealthy and powerful men and women. If you get a chance to attend one of these exclusive charity events, make sure you wear your best dress. Put on a smile and start a conversation with a wealthy man. Volunteering is also a great way to meet wealthy and ambitious men. Sign up to be a volunteer in a hospital or in a political organization.

Millionaires Clubs and Business Places
Luxurious coffee shops, banks and convention centers are the places where you might meet a wealthy man. Even wealthy men need a lunch or coffee break during a working day. If you’re looking for a big fish, then you need to find a way to get into the millionaires clubs. These exclusive clubs are full with wealthy people. Make sure you put on your best dress, wealthy men are used to having the best!