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5 Great Dating Tips For Guys

If you’re looking for some great dating tips as a man and want to know how to attract women, then I have presented you with 5 scenarios and how to deal with them accordingly when you’re on a date.
This should cover 90% of all interactions and it should be what you’re looking for!

What to do if you mess up during a date

Pretend you are out having coffee with a girl, then you stand up and then accidentally spill coffee on yourself. What you should do now is instead of beating yourself up over the situation, you need to poke fun at it to lighten things up. You can then look at her in a serious way and say “well, looks like now you have a permission to make a mistake. Feel free to do it anytime”. Then casually wipe off the coffee and don’t worry too much about it. Do not make too much of a fuss because if you don’t the women will not either.

What do to if she messes up during the date

Say for instance she is eating then she drops food on herself. You can either tease her mercilessly about it for a while (if she is that type of girl) and then use that as a topic to make fun of her for the rest of the night. Otherwise, you can do the reverse of what was mentioned above and say to her “Hey, that’s sweet, that means I get to also do something stupid tonight then we’ll be even!”. Remember, the key is not to take things too seriously and always be casually and light hearted.

What if she acts like a brat and disrespects you during the date

Remember, women and girls in general love to test a man. How else do they know they can trust you in times of need when you really need to be a man? So women test you by acting like a brat and disrespecting you. So what’s the best way to handle the situation? Easy, play along and be a brat back to them. Except tone it up a little bit more to see if she can handle the heat. For example, she says “oh, can you do me a favor and buy me a drink” (expecting you to be like every other guy to submit to her) you can say “sure thing” and then pretend to walk to get it then turn around and say “wait, if I buy you a drink are you going to rub my feet or give me a massage?”. When they issue a challenge to you or acts like a brat – give it back to them with interest!

What to do if you’re late

If you are late to the date, just call her up and say “hello, I’m running a bit late. I will be there real soon” then give her an honest assessment of the situation. Don’t leave her hanging. Unless you want to come off as the cool bad boy character. In that instance, call her up as well but then say “hello, I’m running a bit late, and I’ll be there in like… 3 years”. See how she responds and just tell her you are joking and then tell her not to worry and you’ll be there soon.

What do to if she’s late

If she doesn’t call you and tell you that she’s running late when you’re suppose to meet her. Do not let a women get away with it. Do not be Mr nice guy, let her know in a joking way that you don’t tolerate or appreciate that kind of behavior. When she finally shows up, just insist on her doing you a favor and start making fun of her throughout the whole night based on that favor. For example, when you do see her you can say “since you have no real excuse for being late, I get to boss you around for the rest of the day, you can start off with by buying me ice cream”. This way you set up a great frame for the rest of the date!