Can A Relationship Evolve From A One Night Stand

One-night-stands are funny things. They’re the sort of situations that bring with them a certain reputation. Too many of them and you could be labelled as something less than flattering. Not enough of them and you might be seen as a bit of a prude. And while it’s certainly easy to focus on the more casual side of things, can a long lasting relationship actually evolve from a one-night-stand?

Where better to start then by looking at a few examples from people in your own life. From mine for example let’s look at two couples with two very different ways in which the pair first encountered each other. While one met at a mutual friend’s party, had a few drinks and then slept together that very evening, the other met through a website and proceeded to attend a series of dates before eventually taking things to the next level sexually.

Now here’s where things get a little interesting. Of the two couples it’s the ones who met through a one night stand that are still together. They even live together and have a young boy in fact. On the other hand, the couple who took things slow have since parted ways. Sure this is just one small example of a one night stand that evolved into something much more serious, but believe it or not, there has actually been research conducted to get to the bottom of this.

Sociologist Anthony Paik is one such man who surveyed 642 adults in Chicago to search for an answer. What he discovered is actually very surprising.

Anthony discovered that after factoring out any men or women who weren’t interested in looking for a serious thing, the difference in relationship quality was nonexistent. It seemed that of these 642 adults, couples who met through a one night stand were just as happy as those who took their time and dated first. So just how was quality measured exactly? Individuals were asked about their relationship’s future, level of intimacy, how much they loved their partner and how they would feel should the relationship end. Sure it’s not exactly rocket science, but it’s certainly reassuring to know there are plenty one-night-stand couples out there who appear very happy.

While meeting someone has usually been something associated with a bar and club, it’s much easier to set something up now thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web. Click here to see just one example of the many sites out there focused primarily on those looking for one-night-stands. Of course it might start off just as fun but who’s to say it couldn’t possibly lead to much more?

After all sex is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any relationship (and I don’t mean that in a shallow way). It’s a way to express your feelings for one another, see how you gel together and more important have a good time. It’s a good way to tell if there is a spark, so in a way a one-night-stand might even be considered a good test to kick things off.

Whatever the case, whether you meet after a quick fling or a gauntlet of dates, it seems happiness can come from both avenues and quite frankly that’s good news for all.