Desperate Guy No More

Hey there.
As part of the series of articles on how to make women attracted to you the way only a natural Don Juan would, let me talk to you about how you can make girls go ga-ga over you (okay, that’s not really masculine at all) by being a confident man—someone who is comfortable with himself and doesn’t do things that are considered desperate moves.
If you’ve only got on board, let me tell you that you are about to get some of the most helpful advice you’ll ever get in your life.
Following our topic from last time, I’d like to tell you how becoming desperate with women isn’t only manifested by begging a woman to be with you. Most of the times, it’s not in the words you say but in the things you do.
If there’s something you should’ve learned by now (for those guys who have been following this series of articles) it’s that how you behave with women will clearly indicate if you are a desperate guy or not. I’ve given plenty of examples from the past posts. And now, let me explain to you why being always available for her can hurt you.
Why is being available all the time a sign you’re a desperate guy?
Ever seen a dog? You notice how they always run after their master, with tails wagging in excitement? Dogs, even when they are busy eating or playing with something, immediately jump when they see their master. They drop what they are doing to be with their master.
This is how guys like you will look like if you come scurrying each time a girl asks you to come with them.
While it feels nice to be with the girl you like, being with them every single day, even when there’s really nothing to do, is unhealthy.
You don’t need to come each time she asks you to (especially when shopping for clothes. Believe me, it is not a fun experience). I understand some guys do this because they are trying to make the woman like them. But are you willing to put up with this stuff? Eventually, the woman will get tired having you tag her along. And when that day comes, man, it will hurt.
Why be on-call when you are a great catch?
Only doctors are on-call. And unless you are one, you should not be. But even doctors don’t have the time to always be available for any woman because they have things to do—and that makes them more adorable for some girls.
You should think of yourself as a great catch. You are a trophy. And that means you don’t need to be working so hard trying to be on a girl’s good side. Act the part. And more importantly, prevent yourself from running to her when she calls.
I realize that this can be hard to do sometimes, but you should do it.
The next time she asks you to accompany her, make up an excuse. Tell her you are caught up with work. Or say you’ve got to meet your boys in a few. Make her fight for your time.
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