Disqualification Theory—Be the Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden for Girls

Do you want to know one really effective way to make women want you without doing much? Try the disqualification theory.
The disqualification theory is a neg expansion. Basically, it is a tactic based on the idea that women will want something that they know they can’t have. It’s like the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. If a woman knows that you’re off limits—for some reason—then she will become so curious that she’ll want to get to know you more, to the point that she will actively pursue you.
This is a good tactic to use on the ladies simply because you don’t need to sweat it out like the other guys out there. By basically rejecting a girl, you’re making her more interested in you.
It’s not that hard of a concept to grasp. It can even be applied to other aspects of life, as a matter of fact. Just take a look at those poor kids that audition for Idol. When the judges tell them they’re not good singers and the Idol crown is not meant for them, it makes them so furious that they chase that dream even more. We’ve all seen rejects who’ve kept on auditioning for the show.
The same thing can happen with seduction. If you tell a lady that she can’t have you, she definitely won’t welcome that thought with open arms. Of course, she’ll feel humiliated, mad even, and would want to get back at you for making her feel bad. But more than that, some women will be more interested to know why you’re off-limits. She’d be curious and challenged that she’ll take action.
Some applications of the disqualification theory are the following lines:
You’re so hot, you’d be totally my type if I weren’t gay (or bisexual).
There’s something really important I need to tell you…you have something stuck in your teeth.—you can try something similar like having dirt on the cheek or something.
Wow. You really are something. If only my wife won’t get mad. Sorry.
These things are very direct ways to neg her, but if you notice, there are subtle hints that you’re into her too. The only problem is that you’re telling her she can’t have you, but not if she does something about it.
Using the disqualification theory when seducing girls is fun and can be really effective. You just need to be confident and relaxed. She may not do something right now, but as the thought of you being off-limits sink in more, she’ll start thinking of ways on how she can finally have you.
Always remember the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.
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