Do You Want To Know How To Attract Girls On The Phone?

Here’s an example of the conversation you want to have when you first call her and you only just met her.
If you want to know how to attract girls, you need to know how to talk on the phone properly!
REMEMBER: WAIT A FEW DAYS BEFORE CALLING HER. The rule of the thumb is using 2 – 5 days. Do not call her immediately, or the next day once you get her number, because you will come off as being way too needy and desperate. What you do is, give her enough time to wonder why the hell haven’t you called her and let her mind work in your favor for you a bit.

Then you dial her number and say:
You: Hello Jess, It’s me!
Here, you start the call by referring to her as “Jess” when you know her name is “Jessica”, that means you act as if you two are close already and when you say “it’s me” you are presuming she knows you very well – this way you assume she likes you already.
Her: Me… as in… David?
It really doesn’t matter what she has to say, she can spit out any name she wants because your next response is going to be the same.
You: No, not David, me as in the man of your dreams *in a sarcastic and playful tone*
As you can see, it didn’t matter who she thought you were, because by saying this, you come off as being playful and you assume she likes you already. Also how many guys out there would say this stuff? Not very many, so you’ll come across as that funny guy who is confident and sure of himself
Her: *giggles*
You: I’ll tell you what Jess, you know me, I’m real busy at the moment, but I’m tired of all the business going on in my life. I want you to come with me to provide some entertainment. Let’s go hang out and have fun at mini golf on Thursday night at 7.30pm.
By saying this, you let her know a few things about you. You are busy. You have things going on in your life. You want HER to entertain you, not the other way around, but you are setting definite plans and giving exact times and locations as to what you are going to do. So you can make decisions and will take charge.
Alternatively, you can just say “let’s go hang out on Thursday night at 7.30pm” without letting her know what you are doing. If she asks what plans you have you can say “I could tell you, but I’m choosing not to, because you’re not special”. Being a bit playful and mysterious also works
I did not say let’s go on a “date” – this is on purpose. You want her to think you like her but not really, so you act as if you are hanging out, but you talk as if she’s hitting on you, that is smooth, charming, fun and really confusing for a woman – which is great, she’ll be thinking if you like her or…?
Her: ok… 7.30pm should be fine
You: Great, I’ll pick you up at 7.00pm. Don’t be late. Oh by the way, wear something comfortable and nice. But don’t go too sexy on me. I don’t want you hitting on me already.
Once again, you’re divulging important information about where you’re going to meet. But then you tell her not to be too seductive on you in a playful way. This immediately takes away her ammunition against you as a woman. Her sexiness. If you tell her that you know her moves, and you can work her and play around with her at the same time. Then you are different. This is how to attract girls.
Also, this sets it up so, if she does come dressing all sexy, you can then say “Jess, I thought I told you, I don’t want you hitting on me so early” that way you really know she likes you, otherwise she wouldn’t wear anything sexy. If she comes dressed normally, then you can say “Jess, I see you have taken my advice and you’re listening to me by not dressing real sexy and hitting on me, I can see you have a thing for following orders *cheeky grin*
Her: *giggles*
As you can see in the above conversation and the breakdown, you are being a man, being playful, being dominant but not domineering and you are being one heck of a challenge. Now that is just a sample of how you should come across to a girl all the time.

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