Don’t Drive Women Away By Being Desperate

Do you wonder why some men who have shown loyalty to a woman are left alone? Why is it that it is those men who do everything for their women are dumped after a period of time? You’d think that if you shower a woman with all the love in the world and give her the skies, she’d love you with all her heart and stick with you. That she’d treasure you and never let go of you.
Unfortunately, it is the very reason why some women leave men.
Are you desperate?
Do you always, as in always, do things for your woman?
Do you miss school or work just to accompany your woman even if it’s just a trip at the store?
Do you spend the last of your allowance just so you can treat her to a cup of frapuccino?
Do you always give her attention? Always complement her on how great she looked even if it feels overrated?
Do you always call her?
When she sends you a text message, do you immediately send a reply?
Do you immediately call a girl minutes after getting her number?
Are you always available for a woman?
When you talk to a woman, do you always agree to what she says just to get into her good side?
Are you unwilling to disagree with her?
If you answered “yes” to most of the questions above, then you could be desperate.
If you want to be successful with women, you have to work on not being desperate. Remember, being desperate will not score you any point with women. They will be turned off. They will turn away from you.
Women are not attracted to desperate men
I cannot reiterate this fact more. You need to learn how to not be desperate. This may be tough to hear, but, if you really want to change your fate, you’d listen.
Yes, women need to be respected and appreciated for what they are. But you don’t put them into a pedestal and give more importance to them than you would yourself. If you do this, you’d end up disrespecting yourself. You’d be putting yourself in an awkward position.
To better understand this concept, put yourself in a woman’s position.
If you are a woman and there is this guy who treats you like a queen, you’d feel flattered for sure. But the feeling will get old eventually. If he is always at your tail, pulling chairs for you to sit on, carrying shopping bags that you can carry yourself, always calling you even during unwanted hours, and basically kissing your butt, you will start to get irritated with that man. You’d feel like a cripple—someone who needs help from others. And even though you try to tell the man to stop doing such things, you can’t guarantee that he will stop. So that will leave you with no other option but to leave him.
Men also don’t like desperate women
You may not have found yourself in this kind of situation yet, but women can also be desperate, doing the same things mentioned above. The interesting thing here is desperate women can be worse. And after getting what you want from her, you’d get tired of her easily.
And because you can’t shrug her off that fast, you’d think of ways to throw her off track. It’s either you do something really nasty or totally ignore her. But you don’t need to resort to really offensive things because you can always prevent it from happening.
This is why you have to make the change yourself. Remember that old saying “don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do to you?” It perfectly applies here.
So how do you not come off as desperate?
The answer is simple. Do the opposite of the things mentioned above. Or, do things in moderation.
Learn different methods on how you can make any woman attracted to you so bad by not being desperate.