Don’t Just Dump Her! Tips on Ending a Relationship the Right Way

Ending a relationship is something every ladies’ man needs to know how to do really well.
Every relationship is not a match made in heaven. No matter how much fun you have with a girl, or regardless of how good she is in bed, you will reach a point where you will feel that things don’t feel right anymore.
And when you realize that it’s time to move on, you simply can’t dump her and leave her crying in a ditch. You have to break it gently, even if she has become so annoying the last thing you want to hear is her voice asking you for another chance.
There’s something you should know about relationship break ups. You have to think long term. Some guys make the mistake of breaking up just for the sake of ending a relationship that they end up being hated by their ex girlfriends. And believe me, the last thing you want is a scorned and humiliated ex girlfriend.
Why? This could severely ruin your chances of dating other women in the future.
What if your ex has a very hot friend that you want to hook up with? If you’ve been a jerk to your ex by breaking her heart, then expect her to let her friends know how big of a loser you are.
You’ve already lost even before you begin to play the game.
It’s not enough to know when to end a relationship. You have to know how to do it right. And fortunately for you, I have some tips on how you can do that without looking like the bad guy. As a matter of fact, your ex could still have a soft spot for you after the break up if you follow these tips:
Know how to say it right
Breaking up is an art (sort of) because you need to do it with feelings; you have to approach it the way you would an oil painting: making careful strokes of the brush.
You can’t just say “we’re through” because that would be outright disrespectful, not to mention humiliating for your girl. It’s bad enough that you’re breaking up with her for you to get rid of her the way you would a garbage bag.
Avoid saying lines like “it’s not you, it’s me” or, god forbid, “there’s someone else.” The latter would definitely earn you a major jerk award. Say it and you could very well be making an enemy. She won’t let you hear the end of it, I assure you.
When you break up with her, make sure that you explain what’s happened. You owe her an explanation. And make sure you don’t lie to her. You don’t have to give her the cold hard facts as to why you don’t want her anymore. Downplay it so it won’t hurt her feelings a lot more.
Tell her she still means something to you. That she has—and always will –a special place in your heart as a very good friend. This should mollify her.
Make sure that the break up ends in a “high note”
This simply means you must not separate in bad terms. The whole point here is to break up without driving a hundred knives in her heart.
Have a serious talk, one that doesn’t include shouting and pointing fingers. It’s important to remember that it’s not important whose fault the break up is.
What you want to achieve here is to still make her feel like you’ve been the best boyfriend. That despite her misgivings, and although you had to break up with her, you don’t hold any anger towards her.
Ending a relationship on a high note will not make her feel terrible once she gets home and on the phone talking to her gal pals.
Don’t burn bridges
This is the most important tip you need to follow. Never burn bridges with your ex girlfriends unless you want to spend the next few years moving to different states just so you could date girls.
The line of thinking is simple. If you cut off an ex girlfriend, she will get mad (of course!) and look at you as a jerk. Naturally, she will tell her friends about what you did, and you know how girls can be when they share stuff like this.
Word can spread like wildfire. And if you suddenly find yourself interested in someone who, conveniently, knows about what you did to your ex relationships, you’ll discover that snagging a date can be as fun as pulling a tooth with very little anesthesia—it’s painstaking!
When it comes to dating, no one is saying you need to stick to the one you’re with for the rest of your life. You can explore other options, but make sure you break it off with the last one first.
And when you do that, you have to put into consideration how she’ll feel about the way you ended your relationship and, more importantly, how it will affect you and your social life in the near future.
Ending a relationship is tough, but if you manage to still keep your ex as a friend, she could become a very good social proof.
You must learn the rules in dating and breaking up. Every man should.
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