Is There A Connection Between Love and Money

When Bill and Gill were married, the man was about 40yrs old while his wife was over 25yrs. However, there was nothing spectacular deep their married life. It marriage was just another rich married couple. Over time, they were blessed with three (3) children in the space five (5) years. And things seemed to be going smoothly for them. Anyone looking at then they really do envy – I had it all. But suddenly, without warning, it began to plummet for them during their sixth year of marriage.

Bill, a major contractor of time in Nigeria, suddenly had it all investment in various contracts awarded hit to him by the state government in your area. Due to a change of government, the new administration very reluctant to pay the arrears of debts that the State had several contractors at the time. The state government instituted an inquiry into the the activities of its predecessor. The government ordered a review of contracts awarded to all contractors of the previous administration. As a result this, there were no payments made to contractors registered with the government for two good years. began paying their contractors. But even without success. He had also sold one of his luxury car just for him to feed his family. And to make matters worse, the bank threatens to recall your building to repay the loan that was due them. He had written several letters to him, through his lawyer, who remind him of his debt and gave him an ultimatum otherwise pay the bank would have no choice but to take action to recover their money.

It was at this sad time in her life that Mrs. Gill decided to show their true colors. He began by saying that she could not understand anything that was happens to them, not that count for anything at all. His voice and behavior gradually changed.

He even went as far as saying she was too young at 33 to go through this type of stress – she did not want to die young! No romance without finance! Of course! In That is, the love and money, for her, were children of the same mother – or both sides of the same coin of gold – and they could not be separated from each other! Not even allow her husband to pronounce a single word while out their frustration on the spleen and are forced to limit and reduce their extravagance by the situation then they were. Before her husband returned from where he One morning she was gone, taking their three children and some of the belongings they could carry with it.

They separated two years ago good. During that time, not call each other by a single seconds. The man just let it. He even felt a relief within himself that his wife was. At first felt bad, which was the normal reaction of any man. But then he began to rationalize the issue. He began to feel that was the so friendly that his wife never did to him. I was already feeling bad about not being able provide all the good things in life I was used to provide. Therefore, it felt it as his wife understood how that was inside and decided to relieve sorry about your grief for leaving him.

Judas Iscariot! Mr. Bill was even worse than his wife. No romance without finance! Of course! And his was much worse, because from their point of view, a poor man does not deserve to be loved by a woman or even marry and raise a family. How pathetic indeed! All family members, friends and colleagues would not hear of him taking his wife back. Let him go! They all yelled. But he simply could not be dissuaded. Bill made inquiries through friends of his wife and came to discover his whereabouts. cool, hard cash compared to sweet, old fashioned true love – do you prefer? (Please see the following web sites why people cling to people and relationships how to end a peaceful and graceful for information on the different reasons why people stay in relationships that are almost dead and how to dead end a relationship without leaving with a feeling of remorse and guilt) Therefore, from time to time, visit them to see their welfare and to stay and spend some time with them. Despite its grave mistake of not romance without finance, no one could deny the fact that Bill was a good father, though.

Finally, the state government released the money to pay all contractors should be and Mr. Bill came into money again. Exactly at the stroke of his tenth year wedding anniversary, decided to reconcile with his wife and to bring back much the dismay of family, friends and colleagues. And he’s rewarded with a brand new car hp Honda, he said, was intended to clean their tears clean. What an incredible, certainly, no romance without finance!

In fact, this real life scenario narrated above raises a lot of questions, as follows:

  • Is there a connection between love and money? Need money to express true love? What is the meaning of true love?
  • If a poor man to abstain from marriage and have children because it is well done and can not offer expensive gifts and the media sustenance for your family?
  • Otherwise, you must to refrain from falling in love all? If the quality of love is determined by the cost the gift?
  • Not the poor deserve to be loved as much as the rich? What about the idea that love does not cost anything?
  • It is a fact or hypothesis without foundation?